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Ann Coulter is one of the many prominent NJC alumni authors.
NJC Alumni Authors

NJC alumni not only go on to become successful in a wide variety of fields related to media, communications, and journalism, but often become published authors as well.

Below are just a few of our featured alumni authors; if you would like to be featured on our web site, please e-mail sethcowan@charter.net   with your name, internship session, and a list of your publications..

John Barnes

(Summer ‘81)

Becky (Borders) Rupp (Summer ‘82)

Ronald Brackin (Spring ‘81)

Christian Brahmstedt (Summer ‘85)

Don Caldwell (Fall ‘79)

Timothy Carney (Summer‘99)

Ann Coulter (Spring ‘85)

Harry W. Crocker III (Fall ‘83)

Jonathan Emord (Summer ‘81)

Christy (Farris) Shipe (Summer ‘95)

Cheryl Fish (Summer ‘79)

Michael Fumento (Fall ‘85)

John Fund (Summer ‘81)

Maggie Gallagher (Summer ‘80)

John Gillis (Spring ‘86)

Malcolm Gladwell (Summer ‘82)

Tim Graham (Fall ‘87)

Dan Griswold (Summer ‘79)

Greg Gutfeld (Fall ‘87)

Brian Harris (Summer ‘83)

Steve Hayward (Spring ‘81)

Joel Himelfarb (Summer ‘82)

Richard Himelfarb (Fall ‘89)

Thomas Holt (Summer ‘84)

John Hood (Summer ‘87)

Michael Johns (Summer ‘83)

Daniel Joseph (Summer ‘07)

Michael Kahn (Spring ‘96)

Robert Kamphuis (Summer ‘83)

William Kapner (Summer ‘83)

Greg Kaza (Spring ‘87)

Tom Kertscher (Summer ‘82)

Cliff Kincaid (Summer ‘78)

Cort Kirkwood (Fall ‘83)

Mark LaRochelle (Summer ‘90)

Karen Lehrman (Summer ‘84)

Steve Lipman (Fall ‘83)

Jason Mattera (Summer ‘03)

William McGurn (Summer ‘80)

Richard Miniter (Summer ‘88)

Brian Mitchell (Fall ‘87)

Lynne Munson (Spring ‘88)

Sean Naylor (Summer ‘89)

Veronica (Obermayer) Atnipp (Summer ‘80)

Larry Orr (Summer ‘79)

Butch Oxendine (Summer ‘84)

Mike Perry (Summer ‘90)

Doug Phillips (Fall ‘87)

  • Robert Louis Dabney: The Prophet Speaks
  • Weapons of Our Warfare (co-author)

Eric Peters (Spring ‘92)

S. Steven Powell (Summer ‘81)

Brian Robertson (Fall ‘87)

Rick Rotondi (Fall ‘91)

Rochelle (Rueb) Schweizer (Summer ‘87)

Andrew and Nathaniel Ryun (Summer ‘97)

Sebastian Smith (Spring ‘91)

Laurel (Suomisto) Kenner (Fall ‘83)

Richard Vigilante (Fall ‘79)

Richard Weitz (Summer ‘80)

Christopher Westley (Fall ‘84)

Brian Willats (Summer ‘93)

Martin Morse Wooster (Spring ‘81)


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