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6:30 - 8:30pm


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  • Wolf River Area Patriots will hold a forum on Tuesday, January 24th, at the Washington Center in New London, 600 W. Washington (enter from the south side of the building off Dickinson Street). 


    Dr. Lowell Holtz, Candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction will be the guest speaker.  Dr. Holtz has 35 years of experience in education in both rural and urban school districts.  He has served as a teacher, principal, and then district administrator in several school districts, completing his service as administrator in the Whitnall, Wisconsin School District.


    Dr. Holtz will discuss his vision for the Department of Public Instruction and for education in Wisconsin.


    All are invited. 

Press Releases

  • Our NEW WEBSITE for Conservative Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and Reagan Democrats is now up and running!

    This Website is an instrument of cooperation between the various Party Groups and other Conservative groups in this central Wisconsin region.

    Participation is strictly voluntary.

    It has been created in the hopes that we may better organize our efforts towards:

    • Electing and Supporting Conservative Candidates.
    • Share Critical Information.
    • Coordinate Events of mutual interest and for mutual benefit.
    • Share Resources whenever possible by providing an open on-line 1.forum for our various groups.