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As many of you know, the Wisconsin 9/12 Project has been researching Wisconsin's Green Tier program and working diligently to educate the public about it.  

Green Tier is very much a current issue. 

Monona and Eau Claire recently join the municipal Green Tier charter, while Janesville and Neenah are still working to stave it off.  Also, in May, an executive order was issued to ramp up the business end of the program.

As people have worked to understand Green Tier, there have been questions about whether or not it is part of the United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century, or Agenda 21.  Our extensive investigation indeed reveals that Green Tier bears all of the hallmarks of an Agenda 21-based initiative.  There should be no doubt that it represents a serious danger to both the American system of government, to our freedoms under the Constitution, and to our economic system.  

Boiling down the mountain of information we've gathered on Green Tier has proven a challenge.  We have therefore approached it via a series of articles, covering various aspects of its history, development, goals, mechanics, and implications.  We've just posted the second in-depth article on the Wisconsin 9/12 website and wanted you to have access to it right away. We're also providing links to earlier related articles, in case you haven't had a chance to explore this issue yet.  

There is more coming in subsequent articles…much more.

We hope you will find this material useful in fighting the good fight for freedom here in Wisconsin and that you will share it with your friends, neighbors, elected officials, and/or any business owners you know.  The better people understand what Green Tier and related sustainable development initiatives are really all about, the more easily we will be able to roll it back.  

In liberty,

Kirsten Lombard

The Wisconsin 9/12 Project
Madison, WI




Fox Valley Initiative ~ A TEA Party Group



Contact: John Pierce, Fox Valley Initiative

Phone: (920) 402-0271

Email:  jcpierce@centurytel.net


Property Rights Protections Questioned in Heritage Parkway Plans


GRAND CHUTE – July 19, 2012:  Over 100 people attended a Fox Valley Initiative (FVI) informational meeting Wednesday night, July 18, at the Grand Chute town hall.  The meeting provided an overview of the proposed

Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway (FWHP) National Heritage Area.  The 924,000-acre parkway will run through 45 communities from Green Bay to Prairie du Chien.


FVI recently became aware of legislation, The Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway National Heritage Area Act of 2012, which proposes the 1,444-square-mile parkway be designated a National Heritage Area (NHA).  In addition, FVI recently became aware of the FWHP organization’s campaign to enlist the support of local and county municipalities by requesting passage of official Resolutions in support of the parkway.


FVI voiced concern about how the parkway will impact the rights of private property owners within the parkway’s boundaries. FVI questioned the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway organization’s claims of significant public support of the project when few of the estimated 1.4-million people living within the proposed parkway know about it.


FVI maintained the Opt Out Provision in the bill, often cited as protecting property rights by proponents of the parkway, is inadequate.  The Opt Out Provision has been included in NHA legislation passed in other parts of the country but failed to protect property rights.  FVI believes an Opt In Provision or a written notification requirement needs to be included in the legislation.  FVI pointed out that property owners cannot opt out of zoning changes, land-use and view-shed restrictions or other regulations which might result from government partnerships.


The legislation identifies the unelected FWHP organization as the parkway’s Managing Entity (ME).  After the legislation passes, FWHP will be charged with developing a comprehensive Management Plan, required by and subject to approval by the National Park Service (NPS).  FVI noted the group is unaccountable to the taxpayer yet will wield considerable influence as it partners with city, county, state and federal governments and agencies in pursuit of its vision.

Fox Valley Initiative is a local tea party group which has been meeting in the area since 2009. FVI promotes an adherence to the U. S. Constitution, lower taxes, private property rights, a free market economy, and integrity and accountability in our government.  FVI wishes to provide a voice to citizens with similar beliefs and a place to go for information on issues of the day. FVI is a non-partisan group intent on being effective within the governing process.  For more information visit FoxValleyInitiative.com.

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Green is The New RED

Supporting Materials:
(Downloadable .pdf's)


Green Tier Charter


Sust Devlpmt Info Sheet




For those who wish to be able to hear the entire PBS presentation on the Cuyahoga River National Park done by the Front Line program, here is an internet link for you:


Although the Cuyahoga is not a “Heritage Parkway,” it does show how the National Park Service (NPS) interacted with the Cuyahoga residents and how NPS failed to deal with local property owners’ concerns and even violated the legislated restrictions of Congress.  NPS has consistently maintained that it upholds local property owners’ rights and we see that in the language in the current Senate and House Bill to establish the Fox Wisconsin Heritage Parkway.  The problem is that in EVERY Heritage Parkway that the Fox Valley Initiative (FVI) has researched, we find that, like the Cuyahoga, property owners’ rights are violated.  We would say grossly violated.  Once NPS has control of an area it dictates what shall be, who shall do it and when.  We must remember that NPS is a bureaucracy.   It is controlled by unelected bureaucrats who have their own ideas concerning how land should be used.  You will consistently find absent in its program descriptions any recognition of private property rights and industry values, i.e., our Constitution’s 5th amendment.  When it does speak about private industry it is normally in a negative way because industry is viewed as a polluter and a destroyer of the environment.  NPS is primarily an environmental agency working along with the EPA, the DNR and other government agencies to “protect the environment” and not protect our private property rights.


We would also suggest that you go to the internet and research yourself other Heritage areas like:

            Northern Plains National Heritage Area in Bismark, N. Dakota

            Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area in Yuma, Arizona

Last, check out the Omnibus Land Management Act of 2009.  It created 10 new National Heritage Areas (NHA’s).  There are now a total of 49 NHA’s.  The 2009 land management act BLOCKS millions of acres from new oil and gas leasing, logging, mining and ALL other business activity.  It designates more than 2 MILLION new acres as wilderness areas.  This 2009 Act changes the classification of 27,000,000 acres of land in 12 states from multiple-use land to conservation land.  It authorizes $5.5 to $10 billion of spending over the next 10 years. 

               (The above info all taken from:  Republican Study Committee. Legislative Digest, Oregon Wild)



One last resource is The Heritage Foundation in Washington DC.  Search under National Heritage Area.

It publishes articles under the title, “Backgrounder,”  one of which was done by Ronald D. Utt, Ph.D., where he writes on, “Another Federal Assault on Property Rights:  

The Journey through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area Act.”





One could hardly begin a discussion regarding Agenda 21 without first mentioning Tom DeWeese
Tom DeWeese
Tom DeWeese Bio

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation's leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, property rights and back-to-basics education. For over thirty years he has fought against government oppression.

We also must include the


This is the Full 1hr 41min Presentation by Tom DeWeese
Titled Agenda 21 ~ The Wrenching Transformation of America

 -- Celebrating Liberty and the Men and Women Who Preserve It --

Protect the Constitution
Balance the Budget
Save America

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Constitution with Eagle
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If you want to see the original UN Department of economic and Social Affairs Division for Sustainable Development site, here it is!

Here are 6 more youTube Videos presented in order:
Compiled by Seth Cowan

Here are a few somewhat longer presentations.

Ok, Now it' going to get Detailed!
A Big Thank You to Kirsten Lombard at
The Wisconsin 9/12 Project

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Thomas Paine
Thomas Paine

THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.

Protect Your Private Property Rights

Heritage Parkway



A Biblical Response to One of the Greatest Deceptions of Our Day


American Policy Center


American Policy Center > TOM DEWEESE


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Great Resource!




David Barton Bio
David Barton Bio


Live Wall Builders with David Barton and Rick Green!



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No Gasification Plant in Green Bay

No Gasification Plant in Green Bay



Welcome to the Incinerator Free Brown County (IFBC) website (formerly known as the Biomass Opposition Committee). The IFBC is a group of citizens from Brown County Wisconsin who oppose efforts to build incinerators (by whatever semantic label the incineration industry tries to call their projects, such as pyrolysis, gasification, plasma arc, etc...) in Brown County because of the significant environmental, health, and economic hazards incineration brings to the surrounding area. The IFBC believes everyone in Brown County has a right to cleaner air, soil and water without risking contamination by incinerators.

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If you are interested in becoming involved in this issue please contact our IFBC Team Leader at: